E-Mail Details for the Richmond Archaeological Society

As a security measure, the e-mail addresses for contacting RAS is set out as two parts that the user should join with an '@":-
For Peter Brown, the Webmaster
For Stephen Alexander, anything to do with membership or joining the list for invitiations to 'Zoom' sessions
In both cases add a '@' and then gmail.com The WebMaster apologises for this slightly convoluted procedure. For many years he included the address in a full format that caused a new e-mail form to 'pop-up' but regrettably there has arisen a new form of web 'spider' that goes round the web and reads such addresses, and then uses them for nefarious purposes including attempts to obtain my credit card details. I have devised the procedure above so that humans can read the address but 'spiders' cannot. Let us see if this keeps us one step ahead of the cyber-baddies!