Programme for RAS visit to Lesnes Abbey and Eltham Palace

DATE: Friday 7 June 2019

MEET: 9.30am inside Richmond Station – Lower concourse by M & S

9.45am Fast train to Waterloo 19 minutes direct

Make way to Waterloo East using up escalator from Concourse

10.21am to London Bridge and change train 4 minutes

10.39am London Bridge to Abbey Wood 27 minutes direct

ABBEY WOOD (arriving at about 11.10am)

MEET: in Ticket Hall and walk to Lesnes Abbey via Abbey Woods 15 minutes

Cross the road in front of the station and turn right, continue to the end of the raised bridge and go through the metal archway on your left. Follow the path, towards the woods, cross a residential road ahead, and regain the pathway, through another metal arch.

The path winds upwards towards the back of the visitor centre. At the front there are toilets and a café with benches and seats. There is time for coffee/lunch.

11.30am – 13.15pm 1hr 40 minutes

The ruins of the Augustinian Priory will be in front of you.

Ways to visit: a) follow the signs and explore independently

b) get the app on your phone and follow the guided tour

c) Susan Nettle is happy to walk around and provide a short site visit explanation

13.10pm Leave Lesnes Abbey and re-trace route back to Abbey Wood Station


13.36pm Direct train to Mottingham via Sidcup (there is no need to change!)

14.16pm Arrive Mottingham and assemble at ticket office.

Ways to get to Eltham Palace:

  1. a) Walk – this is uphill all the way to the entrance to Eltham Palace car park and visitor centre (1/2 mile) 20 minutes

  2. b) Bus – turn-left and walk up to the main road, then turn right and there is a bus stop. Board any bus and go one-stop only - you will pass the entrance to Eltham Palace car part and visitor centre on your left. Walk back to the entrance (150-200m) downhill.

ELTHAM PALACE visit at your own pace. 2hrs 30 minutes

Admission charges:

£15.40 – Adult or £17.00 with Gift Aid

£13.90 – Concessions

FREE to English Heritage members

Site closes at 18.00pm

ELTHAM PALACE TO WATERLOO to arrive by roughly 18.00-18.15hrs

MEET: 17.00pm outside the Visitor Centre by the Car Park for walk back to Mottingham Station.

17.24 Direct train to Waterloo East 24 minutes

or 17.26 to London Bridge and change for Waterloo East 36 minutes

or 17.46 to London Bridge and change for Waterloo East 36 minutes

An alternative, longer, but more scenic route is to take a bus towards North Greenwich (Jubilee Line), taking in Eltham, Shooters Hill, Woolwich Arsenal, Charlton and Greenwich.

Please let Stephen know if you wish to join the 2019 RAS excursion, so we know to look out for you at Richmond Station.

Phone numbers:-

John Hood 07788 448 842

Stephen Alexander 07902 609 022