Future Programme of Lectures and Events

The Vestry Rooms are currently closed on safety grounds, and lectures will take place as 'Zoom' sessions, with 'Question and Answer' at the end. The timing will still be 8:00pm to 9:15pm on the original dates.
Stephen Alexander will send out 'Zoom' invitations to everybody on his list. If you are not on his list then please send him your address (see 'Contacts' tab)

The archaeological walk around Richmond Park is posponed until next year
Lectures & Events for Spring 2021
8 January, 2021
It is hoped that the New Year Social Event can be restored next year
Stolen by the sea: Investigating Swandro, an eroding Iron Age settlement Dr Stephen Dockrill, University of Bradford
12 February, 2021 Arts and Crafts in the Iron Age: A holistic approach to pattern and purpose in East Yorkshire
followed by the AGM
Dr. Helen Chittock, AOC Archaeology
12 March, 2021 Reconstructing early prehistoric human lifeways through ancient DNA
Change of title: Sophie will still talk about the Palaeolithic evidence, but also some Mesolithic and Neolithic data too.
Dr Sophy Charlton, University of Oxford
16 April, 2021
Note Change:The
Rethinking the Viking Age’ Prof David Griffiths, Oxford
14 May, 2021 National Trust Archaeology in Kent and East Sussex Nathalie Cohen, National Trust